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The start of a new order of economic development? There is a new economic kid on the block. Some of us have been following the ‘post-GDP’ agenda for a while or more recently the Rio+ 20 debate which is looking at new models for development and most famously, a Commission of the great and good… » read more

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Why I believe in Europe

Right now we are in the middle of what my political science Professors would have called a shift in the “world order”, a “change in paradigm” perhaps. A subject that is exciting from the sleepy hazy afternoons of a lecture theatre, where ambitious overgrown teenagers planned to change the world, but gets pretty destabilising when… » read more

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The Master and the Machine

I was privileged to be able to attend the TEDxBrussels event last week in Brussels’ Bozar, where the speakers were thinking about the deep future. Putting aside the lack of Europeans and lack of women amongst the presenters, I was interested in how I found myself responding to them. There was a brilliant presentation from… » read more

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